ACT 980

Best Suited for Resection , Ennucleation , Coagulation & Vaporisation

  1. The device is built on the basis of a reliable and durable diode laser with a working life of more than 30,000 hours.
  2. The use of 980nm Monochromatic wavelength allows bloodless ablations of of biological tissues with minimal thermal damage.

Areas of use

  • leukoplakia
  • dysplasia of the | – ||| degree
  • papillomas
  • endometrial polyp removal
  • endometrial ablation
  • papillomas of the skin
  • skin fibroids
  • nevi
  • atheromas
  • vulgar warts
  • genital warts
  • debridement
  • tracheal and bronchial fistulas
  • recanalization of obstructing benign and malignant tumors
  • appendectomy
  • excision of adhesions
  • hernia repair
  • chronic hypertrophic rhinitis
  • chronic purulent sinusitis
  • maxillary sinus cysts
  • synechia and cicatricial atresia of the nasal cavity
  • neoplasm removal

Wavelength 1470/1940 nm

  • submucous destruction (vaporization) of hemorrhoidal nodes
  • pararectal fistula
  • coccyx cysts
  • epithelial coccygeal passages

Wavelength 980 nm

  • anal fissure
  • condylomatosis and papillomatosis of the perianal zone and rectum and other skin neoplasms

Application area




AST 980


prostate adenoma (benign hyperplasia) of the prostate


prostate sclerosis 



bladder neck sclerosis


benign urinary bladders

leukoplakia and endometriosis of the bladder

bladder mucosal metaplasia

Urethra (urethra) and ureter

benign urethral masses 

urethral or ureteric stenosis 

urethral strictures



condylomatosis and papillomatosis of the external genital organs and other skin neoplasms


Radiation Wavelength, nm


Maximum output radiation power, W


Adjustment of radiation power, W

1.0  to   150

Pilot Laser

Red or Green

The minimum diameter of the optical core of the light guide tool, microns


Type of light guide connector


Mode of operation

Pulsed and continuous 

Pulse / Pause Duration, sec

0.05 - 1 sec

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980nm is best suited for simultaneous coagulation and ablations.

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ACT 980 is a compact modern model of the device for resection and coagulation , providing safety and effectiveness of exposure. A wavelength of 980 nm helps to ensure optimal absorption of laser radiation simultaneously by water and hemoglobin.

The ACT 980 is especially effective in Urology , Dermatology , Proctology et al were coagulation is important along with high Tissue Ablation rates.