AST 1064

Laser device for the treatment of onychomycosis

  1. Treatment of nail fungus with a laser is a modern clinically proven method of influencing the nail plate in order to get rid of nail fungus and restore a healthy appearance of the nail plate..

  2. AST 1064 has a direct effect on the mycelium, which consists of tightly intertwined thin filamentous tubules – hyphae. It is the hyphae that support the vital activity of dermatophytes and other pathogenic fungi that infect the nails, by ensuring the absorption of fluid and nutrients..

Areas of use


Radiation Wavelength, nm


Maximum output radiation power, W


Adjustment of radiation power, W

0.1  to  10

Pilot Laser


The minimum diameter of the optical core of the light guide tool, microns


Type of light guide connector


Mode of operation

Pulsed and continuous 

Pulse / Pause Duration, sec

0.05 - 1 sec

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The laser wavelength is set to 1064 nm, which makes it easy to treat and prevent the development of nail fungus.

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The method of laser removal of nail fungus allows you to achieve high-quality results using gentle and safe technologies. The AST 1064 laser for the treatment of nail fungus acts with a laser on the problem area. The development of this equipment was designed specifically to effectively get rid of nail fungus, even with an advanced form of the disease.

Laser treatment is effective due to its targeted action and allows you to cope with even the most advanced forms of nail onychomycosis. The procedure can only be carried out by a certified specialist.

Thanks to the introduction of the Laser for the treatment of nail fungus, it is possible in many situations to do without removing nails. Surgical intervention is prescribed only when it is impossible to use anti-fungal medications due to liver or kidney disease.

There are a lot of methods used for the treatment and removal of nails affected by the disease. We are talking about both folk remedies and traditional medicines. The introduction of laser therapy has become a completely new technique that is rapidly gaining popularity. 

The advantages of the Laser for the treatment of nail fungus include

  • Painless procedures
  • The efficiency of removing contamination is at least 80%
  • The speed of assistance